Straight Feeds

Use them to make your own wild bird food seed mix or use them on their own, our straight feed for wildlife is natural and nutritious. Choose from the high-energy sunflower hearts, protein-packed black sunflower seed or the oil-rich Niger (or thistle) seed. The range also includes peanut nibs, which can be used to feed your garden visitors all year round.
Garden Direct sources only the best quality, unprocessed nuts and seeds for our straight feeds for garden birds and other wildlife. 

Sunflower Hearts
With no husks, Sunflower Hearts provide a great high-energy feed without any mess or waste. Sunflower hearts will attract a large range of wild bird... more info
Black Sunflower Seed
Rich in oil and protein, Black Sunflower Seed provides a great high-energy feed and will attract a large range of wild bird species including blue... more info
Niger Seed
Niger seed (also known as Nyjer or Thistle seed) is rich in oil and will attract goldfinches, greenfinches, chaffinches, bullfinches and siskins as... more info
Peanut Nibs
Due to their shape and size Peanuts Nibs can be fed safely throughout the year from a bird table or seed feeder. Our buyers freshly source our... more info