Clearing and Cleaning the Garden

So when was the last time your garden had a good clean up?

During the summer when most families spend a lot of time in the garden it is kept in a reasonable condition. Garden furniture is clean, flower beds are tidy, the patio is washed. As the weather gets colder, and the nights draw in earlier a lot of gardens get neglected. Because there isn’t any plans to use the garden much until probably next spring it gets left.

Ok, time to wrap up warm and give the garden a good makeover. A good clean up will transform the garden and brighten up the exterior of your property.

Hire a pressure washer if necessary. They bring paths and driveways up like new.

Moss, algae and moulds grow most vigorously in the cool, wet weather of winter when light levels are low and outdoor surfaces are moist. Their unsightly appearance is most obvious in early spring when you will first notice that surfaces are dark, dingy and often slippery. This product works brilliantly on patios.

Garden Furniture
If you do not intend to use over winter then store the furniture away of cover up completely to avoid rusting or rotting of wood.

Keep on top of the weeding to ensure that in spring you don’t have a mountain to dig up.

Fences and decking
Nothing looks worse than wood that hasn’t been cared for or cleaned in ages. This product will show results in 2-4 days.

Winter colour
Add some colour to the garden or to your patio or porch. There are lots of winter blossoms available that will look great in a hanging basket or window box. December does not mean Dull!

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