Container Herb Garden

There are a lot of combinations of herbs that grow well in containers. Here we will show you how to grow your own herbs on your windowsill or patio.

  • Decide how many you want to grow and choose your containers. Depending on the varieties bought you should fit 6 plants into a 30cm pot.
  • Cover the drainage holes in the bottom of pot and add a layer of compost.
  • Arrange your plants in the container, making sure lower growing plants are placed around the edges.
  • Fill any gaps with compost and firm around the plants. Leave a 2cm gap between top of compost and rim of pot.
  • Water thoroughly
  • Put the pot in a sunny spot
  • Once a week add liquid feed to your watering can to give the plant a boost.
  • To ensure you have lots of new leaves, pick regularly from the tips of plants. This stimulates bushy new growth.
  • By autumn, annual herbs such as basil and coriander will run out of steam and can be discarded, but it's a good time to plant new woody herbs such as rosemary.
  • Perennial herbs such as mint, thyme, oregano or chives will die back, but will regrow in the spring. Protect the pots during a hard frost.
  • In early spring, when the plants are still dormant, congested perennial herbs can be divided and replanted. Dig up and pull the old plant apart into sections. Replant these and keep watering them until established.

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