Water Saving Tips

Careful planning and some thought will mean you can save lots of much needed water over the next year. Here are some tips to help you get the water retention you need

  • Buy hanging baskets with built in reservoirs as they only distribute water when needed
  • For compost in containers add water-retaining gel, or but compost with the granules already added
  • When you go away, stand all houseplants on capillary matting as it sucks water from a reservoir of saved water, the plant roots suck it up into the pot
  • Raise the blades on your lawnmower to high. This will encourage grass to get deeper rooted which prevents too much moisture loss through soil evaporation
  • Spread mulch across the soil to lock in moisture
  • Choose plants that like dry soil such as lavender and cistus. They are good at retaining moisture
  • Water plants either in the morning or early evening. This will allow plants to soak up all moisture before the hottest part of the day
  • Water thoroughly rather than frequently helping the plants to develop deep root systems that enable them to seek moisture from the soil
  • Get a water butt. They will retain hundreds of litres of water during wet periods and are an absolute essential when it comes to saving water in the garden

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