Clearing up the Lawn

Dandelions, like other broad leaved weeds on the lawn will yield quickly to a selective weedkiller, but removing them could leave bare patches that will rapidly be colonised by other weeds. In March, before dealing with the dandelions, apply a proprietary lawn food, according to the manufacturers instructions, followed by regular mowings once a week with the blades set high. This will encourage strong growth by both grass and weeds. After about a month, apply the selective weedkiller, as the grass should then be growing vigorously and will fill the gaps.

Spring Harvest
It is a good idea to encourage a few dandelions to grow in a wild corner, or to plant them in a row in the vegetable garden. In spring, cut the young pale leaves and mix them with chives and parsley in a side salad, garnished with lemon juice and oil.

Spot Treatment
There is no need to treat the whole lawn with weedkiller in order to kill a few dandelions or other broad leaved weeds as this is a wasteful use of chemicals. Treat weeds individually by either digging them up or applying spot weedkiller.

Dandelions are hardy, perennial weeds that spread up to 30cm. They tolerate a range of well drained soils. Dandelions die back in winter but reappear in spring. The plants will continue to grow for several years.

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