Decorative Stone

Decorative stone and gravel can really transform a dull garden. There is such a good choice of colours and textures that will allow you to achieve a really unique style that is perfect for your garden. They can be used in many ways in the garden including driveways and water features.

Coloured pebbles scattered on paths or drives can look great but you need to consider the vehicles that will be regularly using the driveway. Always choose small pebbles for heavy car and foot traffic areas as they are easier underfoot when walking on and good for cars to drive over. When using gravel be sure to compact this for better holding, spray water on occasionally and put on some extra stones.

Water Features
When using stones in a pond it is always best to place the larger stones at the edge, and the smaller stones at the base of the water. The colour of stone looks different when wet so it is a good idea to wet your stones before placing in the pond to check your colours.

Apart from a little weeding from time to time there is virtually no maintenance when using decorative stone. They are so flexible you can use them just about anywhere-flower beds, to make a path, decorate a pond. With their ease of use, natural beauty and total flexibility decorative stone is becoming an increasingly popular choice with those looking for a low maintenance garden.

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