Lawn Disorders

Lawn Disorders

There are many pests that affect lawns, these include weeds, fungi and mosses. Poorly established or badly maintained lawns, those with poor soil aeration or drainage, improper fertilizing, or clipping are more likely than to have diseases than those without these problems. Here are some common problems and the recommended treatments:

Fairy Rings
Symptoms-Dark green rings appear in the turf. In summer and autumn clusters of tender toadstools with brown caps grow in the rings.

Treatment-Rake up and burn toadstools. Drench lawn with carbendazim.

Fusarium Patch (snow mould)
Symptoms-Large irregular shaped patches of turf covered with white or pink, cotton-like fungal growths. Generally more severe on poorly drained soils and in shady patches.

Treatment-Water with solution of trifloxystrobin as soon as symptoms appear. Apply nitrogen-rich fertiliser in spring but avoid over feeding with nitrogen.

Symptoms-Overlapping leafy structures, deep greenish black when wet and greyish green or brown when dry, growing horizontally on turf.

Treatment-Rake out growth and treat affected areas with dichlorophen. Practice regular lawn maintenance, especially aeration and feeding. Improve drainage.

Red Thread (corticium disease)
Symptoms-Dead patches of turf up to 1m across with red, pink or straw coloured fungal growths.

Treatment-As soon as symptoms appear water with a solution of Lawn Disease Control. Aerate and scarify lawn and apply sulphate of ammonia in spring and summer. Apply nitrogen-rich fertiliser in spring.

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