Garden Furniture Treatments

When bought new most peoples garden furniture looks like it belongs in a show home garden. However, lack of care can leave garden furniture looking like its seen better days. This guide will show you how to get the most from all types of garden furniture and help to keep your outdoor living furnishings as good as new.

Good quality gazebos should last for years providing good care and maintenance is taken.

You must keep your gazebo clean. Before washing it down with soapy water and a clean brush, be sure to give it a good sweep to remove and dirt or leaves.

Steel framed gazebos should be checked for rusting. If identified early enough a simple recoat of matching metal paint is all that should be needed.

Wooden gazebos are naturally weather resistant, but over time the colour will change as the wood matures and the more the gazebo is exposed to sun and rain. If you want your wooden gazebo to retain its original colour a protector can be applied. This will also help to protect it from mildew and black spot.

Aluminium garden furniture
Many manufacturers of aluminium garden furniture coat the metal, which although is already very resistant to rusting makes it even more so. However, after time the coating may peel and will need re-painting with a metal paint. This type of garden furniture is very popular because of its longevity. Other than repainting there isn’t a lot more you need to do with it.

Teak Garden Furniture is very hard wearing due to its oily properties. Left alone the colour will change from its beautiful golden brown to a silver/grey shade. If you don’t mind this then all you need to do is wash the furniture with warm soapy water occasionally. However, if you wish to maintain the original colour then we advise to use a teak oil which will protect and enhance the wood by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. Teak Oil can help restore the appearance of old furniture and maintain the colour and appearance of new.

If you are looking to restore your hardwood garden furniture then we would recommend this Garden Furniture Revival Kit.

The gel will restore the colour, and the oil will replace oils that have been lost due to weathering. It also contains a wax which protects the wood and also highlights its appearance.

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