Arches and Obelisks

What can take a garden from lovely to fabulous?

A focal point can. Garden arches and obelisks create stunning features in a garden.

The arches can be combined with matching seats, gates and fencing. Obelisks can create impact, height and structure to any garden.

If you have an arch rising from bare soil it will look odd. Dense planting around the bottom will help. Our range of beautiful arches will make the perfect climbing area for your roses, clematis or honeysuckle.

There are many types of arches to choose from. A Simple metal arch can be very versatile, whilst a more elaborate design will give a regal feel. Rustic arches will look perfect in a cottage or countryside garden, but totally odd in the garden of a modern town house. Wooden Arches usually fit in with most gardens and are easily built from treated timber. Arches should be at least 2.1m tall, ideally taller as this will allow for hanging foliage.

There are many uses for a garden arch including: A doorway between different sections in the garden, as a frame for a statue or a garden feature such as bird table, or used as an entrance to the garden making it a beautiful focal point.

Metal obelisks will blend in with most gardens and can be used as focal points in informal borders. By adding several of them at intervals down a straight border they will add height and interest to an otherwise run of the mill garden edge. By placing a pair either side of an entrance, or at the start of your path it will emphasise its location perfectly. Try to choose an obelisk made of the same material as your arch. Choose small climbing plants like the less vigorous varieties of honeysuckle, clematis and annual climbers like pillar roses.

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