Container Grown Vegetables

I’m sure there are many people who have considered growing their own vegetables but due to lack of space have never taken it any further that thinking about it.
However space is not an issue when growing some vegetables. It is possible to grow many vegetables in containers in the corner of your garden or yard, even on the window sill if you live in a flat or apartment. There are many varieties of vegetables that can be grown in containers which include turnips, beetroot, carrots, onions, chard, spring onions, lettuce, beans, peas, peppers and tomatoes.

The Container
You will need a container that is big enough for the size of the plant when fully grown.
For example, plants like mint will need a bigger pot as it spreads, whereas compact herbs are perfect in a small container. Root type vegetables will need to be placed in deep containers or pots as they will require a lot of compost. The larger pots will also support plants that are top heavy; tomatoes are a good example of a top heavy plant.
Terracotta pots are popular and ok to use but be aware, terracotta dries out very quickly so plants potted in this type of container will require watering more frequently.
Plastic pots are inexpensive, and whilst are fine to use they don’t last as long so will need to be replaced quite often. Planters made from wood are very sturdy and are great for growing vegetables.

Planting the Seeds
Maintaining moisture can be a problem when growing vegetables in containers. By adding a handful of water retaining crystals into your compost it can help keep your plant moist. The crystals reduce the need for watering by up to 75%. When the crystals supply of water has been used most will re-expand as they are re-watered.
Fill the container you will be using with the compost to 1 inch (2cm) below the top of the pot. Sow your seeds in and tap gently to settle the compost, then level the surface out.

Keep the plant well watered. When flowers form feed vegetables with a high potash feed. With any leafy herbs you should remove flower buds regularly as this keeps them compact and productive.
Aubergines and chilli peppers can be weighty on their canes so it’s a good idea to support the canes in order to prevent the stems from snapping.

Seed packets will usually give good growing details on the back. However, if you would like any more information on growing container vegetables please contact us.

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