Weed Killer Tips

Paths and Driveways

Use a brand of Weedkiller that will attack weeds at the germination stage as well as those that are already established. Apply early in the season before the weeds have started to take hold and your path or driveway should remain weed free for several months.

Creeping weedkiller

Never apply total weedkiller sodium chlorate near garden plants you wish to retain. This chemical kills any plants it touches. As it seeps through the soil it can kill plants some distance away from the area to which it was applied.

Beware of accidents

Take care when applying weedkillers. Should a cultivated plant be treated accidentally spray the leaves immediately and soak the soil thoroughly with clean water to minimise absorption. 24 hours later you should water thoroughly.

Light exclusion

Bulbil forming weeds such as Oxalis corymbosa are difficult to eradicate. The tiny bulbils are easily detached from the parent plant and spread when digging. Thick mulches, at least 23cm deep can starve out infestations over time but buried bulbils may survive several years.

Lawn Care

Combined weed and feed treatments save time and effort but should be applied during rainy weather or after thoroughly watering the lawn. Dry, slow growing grass cannot absorb chemicals and is likely to be scorched.

7 rules to follow when using weedkillers:

  1. Check you have the appropriate product for the problem
  2. Read instructions and precautions carefully and follow to the letter
  3. Keep all products in their original containers and keep out of reach of children and pets
  4. Wear gloves and protective clothing
  5. Keep separate watering cans and sprayers for weedkillers. Wash thoroughly after use
  6. Never apply weedkillers on a windy day
  7. Never mix products together unless advised to do so on the label

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