Soil Conditioning

Knowing the condition of your soil can make all the difference to the overall health and vitality of your garden, helping your plants to take and thrive. If you know the physical and chemical condition of your soil, you can then work to adjust and improve its structure through the right natural additives and supplements.

In particular, by monitoring your soil’s PH level, you will know whether it is acidic, neutral or alkaline and can then work out a supplement plan to optimise its condition and boost your planting. As a rule of thumb, the majority of soils are in the pH range of 4.5 to 7.5 and ar3e defined as follows:  5.0 or less – acidic; 5.5 to 6.5 - slightly acid; 7.0 - neutral 7.5; - slightly alkaline.

Our soil conditioning range has been designed to help you balance the PH level in your soil and create the best growing environment for your garden to ensure it is delivering the optimum level of nutrients to your plants.

It is a good idea to regularly check the PH level of your soil – soil testing kit and probes are readily available to buy.  

Sulphur Chips
SULPHUR Chips Gives Ericaceous Plants The Ideal Soil for Healthy Growth   An easy to scatter chip grade Sulphur, reduces soil pH for lime-hating... more info
Sulphur Powder
Also known as Flowers of Sulphur. Fine powder grade for rapid action or for compost use as soil conditioner. Rate of Application: 100gms per square... more info
Empathy RHS Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to soil life, continually growing out from the roots of a treated plant into the soil, finding new sources of... more info
Calcified Seaweed - Replacement
Calcified Plus Root Zone Improver A Natural Root Zone Improvement For healthy, well-balanced growth Is derived from totally natural minerals, finely... more info
Carbonate of Lime
Principal use is for pH correction and can be used anywhere, even lawns, where pH is often lowered by fertilizer applications. Rate of use 270g per... more info
Dolomite Lime
Natural magnesium for roses, exhibition beds etc where pH is too low. 300g per sq.m. will raise pH approximately 0.5 units. 300g per sq.m. will raise... more info
A natural claybreaker. An annual application will improve texture and add valuable calcium and sulphur. Use 125g per sq.m. heavy soils 500g per sq.m.... more info