Plant Protection & Support

A lush, green and healthy garden or vegetable patch is inevitably going to attract the unwanted attention of insects and animals, both wild and domestic. But with the right plant protection and support, you can keep unwanted visitors at bay and keep your garden – and your plants or produce - safe.
Garden Direct stocks a range of safe methods for plant protection and support so you don’t have to worry should the local wildlife or neighbourhood cat comes calling. Our natural fleece covers will protect your flower or vegetable beds from frost, heavy rain, bugs, birds and small animals, while still letting light, air and water in to feed your crops. Easy to install, fleece covers will last for several years, letting your plants thrive with minimal wildlife interference. Or opt for our garden-safe non-toxic liquid and spray repellents to keep larger animals and pets from damaging your garden or fouling on your well-tended lawn. 

This insulating fibre fleece, that has been used coomercially for years, gives free passage to light, air and water allowing crops to develop... more info
Fleece Pegs
Fleece pegs will give a tidy finish to your fleece and allow a larger effective growing area. 24 pegs per pack more info
Cat Repellent
This simple to use granular Cat Repellent from Growing Success will deter cats from scratching, digging and fouling in your garden. Contains natural... more info
Get Off My Garden
Get Off My Garden cat and dog deterrent helps prevent pets from fouling in the garden. Non-toxic and safe to use, it works by slowly releasing a... more info