Weed Killers

Unwanted plants growing in the wrong place are more than an eyesore, they compete for essential nutrients, water and light from your well-tended plants, and can ultimately take over your garden. But don’t despair - we stock a wide range of both physical and chemical weed killers to get your weed problems under control, without the hard work. 
From flame guns to burn uncropped areas, Roundup and glyphosate products to get rid of ground elder, couch grass or nettles to Weedol and other spot weeders to clear annual weeds from beds and borders, we have an effective weed killer solution to stop your unwanted garden takeover in its tracks. We even stock Roundup for killing standing trees, tree stumps and Japanese Knotweed. 

Garden Rootkill Weedkiller Concentrate
Tough systemic weedkiller for the control of difficult weeds. Concentrated formula offers great economy. Kills weeds and roots Ideal for clearing... more info
Roundup Concentrate
Contains glyphosate. MAFF No 09167. A multi-action weedkiller killing roots as well, and is fully biodegradable. Roundup offers exceptional value and... more info
Roundup Ready To Use
Contains glyphosate. A multi-action weedkiller killing roots as well, and is fully biodegradable. Roundup offers exceptional value and independent... more info
Roundup Weed Killer Gel
New and unique Gel formulation - Precisely targets weeds in awkward places - Ideal for Flower beds, Vegetable plots, Flower pots and lawns. Gel stays... more info
Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller
Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller kills trees, tree stumps, brambles, nettles, deep rooted and woody weeds. Maff No. The only weedkiller to tackle... more info
SBK Brushwood Killer
SBK Brushwood Killer A tough weedkiller that has become the household brand for the effective control of brambles, thistles, nettles, dock, woody... more info
Ultra Fast Weed Killer
One of the fastest ever all-purpose weedkillers. Initial effects seen in 1 hour, results after 3 hours! Can be used anywhere in the garden except on... more info
Ground Clear Weedkiller RTU
Tough systemic weedkiller for control of difficult weeds -  Kills weeds and roots. Ideal for clearing unwanted vegetation Weeded area can be... more info
Path, Patio & Drive Weedkiller Sachets
Season long control of weeds on gravel paths and drives in a soluble sachet formulation. Can also be used around ornamental trees and shrubs, on the... more info
Roundup Ultra Weedkiller
Ultra concentrated glyphosate. For big jobs such as lawn renovation, vegetable and flower bed preparation. Kills even tough weeds such as horsetail.... more info
Pathclear Gun
Pathclear Gun! Weedkiller has been specially formulated for gravel paths and drives. It contains a Systemic weedkiller and contact weedkiller to kill... more info
Garden Super Strength Weedkiller Sachets
A systemic weedkiller that kills most tough and deep rooted weeds including brushwood, bracken and ivy. These simple soluble sachets can be dropped... more info