Slug Control Products

Slugs can play havoc in any garden, destroying seedlings and new plant growth as well as eating holes in leaves, stems, flowers, tubers and bulbs. If slugs are eating their way around your garden, then now’s the time to take preventative measures, with our range of plant-safe slug control products. 
When you want to protect your plants from hungry slugs then there are effective ways to keep them under control. Choose from pellets, sprays, solutions or traps to target unwanted slugs in your garden and help take your plants off the menu.  

Organic Slug Defence Gel
Barrier to prevent slug and snail damage to garden plants All Natural Product Children and pet-friendly Colourless, odourless Non-toxic and... more info
Highly efficient bait that protects edible and decorative plants from slugs and snails in the garden or greenhouse. New technology means the pellets... more info
Slug Bait
Certified for Organic Use by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association. Slug Bait provides effective long lasting slug control. Unique scatter cap... more info
Solabiol Slug Killer
Are slugs causing you problems in your garden? Solabiol Slug Killer effectively controls slugs. The formula is ideal for use when growing fruit and... more info
Slug & Snail Copper Tape
Copper causes an unpleasant shock-like sensation when slugs & snails touch the tape causing them to refuse to cross it.   Ideal for placing... more info
Slug Gone
Produced from wool and supplied in pellet form. Organic product which contains slow release nutrients. Improves moisture retention more info
Slug Trap
The Slug X attracts slug and snails using beer as bait. A strong smell builds up inside the trap and the slugs/snails are lured inside by an aroma... more info