Tackle the first signs of fungal infestations in your garden and you can prevent disease blighting your plants. If treated early, you can wipe out plant-destroying diseases such as rose blackspot, mildew and box blight and protect your garden from future attack.
We stock a range of easy-to-use fungicides that tackle unsightly infestations and bring your plants and garden back to health. You can also choose fungicides that include an insecticide so you can target bug infestations such as greenfly, blackfly and red spider mite at the same time.
So, whether it’s for your prized roses, your flowerbeds, a newly pruned tree or your lawn, Garden Direct has the right fungicide for you.

Fungus Clear Ultra
Fungus Clear Ultra is a disease fighter that provides systemic protection and control of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust diseases. Use on roses... more info
FungusClear Ultra RTU
Ideal for spot treating at the first sign of disease – spray gets inside the plant’s sap stream to protect the whole plant, even newly... more info
Rose Clear Ultra RTU
 Convenient hand sprayer for quick, effective treatment of the first signs of bugs and mildew as soon as they are noticed on roses, garden... more info
Fungus Fighter Plus RTU
Ensure clean healthy plants with Fungus Fighter Plus Ready to Use, Fungus Fighter Plus is a systemic fungicide that gives long-lasting control for up... more info
Solabiol Arbrex Seal and Heal
Solabiol Arbrex Seal & Heal is the go-to solution for pruning cuts on your trees. Made from a natural resin, it not only cures the pruning cuts,... more info
Solabiol Greasebands
Ready prepared greasebands for application to fruit trees.Traps winter moths and prevents damage by their caterpillars. Protects fruit and ornamental... more info
A liquid pruning compound for fruit and other trees. Ready to use pruning compound and grafting sealant. Protects wounds caused by pruning or... more info