Organic Fertilizers

Boost your plant health and its nutrient take-up without man-made chemical plant food by using our range of naturally-sourced organic fertilisers. Our organic fertilisers contain only high-quality ingredients from naturally occurring sources, including bone meal, fish bone and manure pellets, with no extra additives.

Our organic range also includes natural mineral and trace element supplements, including rock potash, rock phosphate and limestone chips which are the ideal solution for organic gardeners who don’t want to use animal-derived products. 

Blood Fish & Bone
Blood Fish and Bone a traditional long lasting organic based compound fertilizer - the favourite feed for generations of gardeners. Use anywhere in... more info
Bone Meal
Traditional product valued by organic gardeners. Use any time of the year, excellent in Autumn for bulbs, new plantings, trees, vegetable beds, lawns... more info
Dried Blood
Quick acting and readily available form of nitrogen. Use as a top dressing in to give plants a boost. A waste product from slaughterhouses it is... more info
Fish Compound
Popular organic fertilizer for Dahlia and Chrysanthemum growers and many other plants. Apply before planting out  and again midsummer. N.P.K... more info
Hoof & Horn
Slow release organic form of Nitrogen.It is prepared for fertilizer use by crushing and grading and is a most useful form of slow release nitrogen... more info
High in magnesium (16%), natural salts and trace elements. Slow acting. Use all around the garden especially on chalk and acid soils. Is a naturally... more info
Limestone Chips
Some subjects require high pH soils for optimum growing conditions e.g. carnations, brassicas. Apply in high amounts or a layer on a pot. These are... more info
Pelleted Organic Manure
Recognising that gardeners have been trying to find a way to feed plants using organic fertilizers, without the accompanying smell associated with... more info
Rock Phosphate
An alternative to bone meal or superphosphate. Benefits by its slow action over many years. This is produced by crushing phosphate rock, which is... more info
Rock Potash
Particularly suitable for fruit trees and bushes which have a high potassium requirement, tomatoes, vegetables etc. Organic sources of potash are... more info