Weed Feed & Moss Killers

Moss in a lawn is a menace, fighting the grass for space and nutrients yet it’s easily controlled with Weed Feed and Moss Killers. In spring, apply lawn sand to give your grass an early spring green-up that also burns away the moss in just a few days.

This moss killer contains iron sulphate and is ideal for treating large areas and for stimulating the grass into fresh spring growth. In summer, when weeds are also present, you can apply a three-in-one treatment that feeds, weeds and controls moss from just one application. 



Lawn Sand
Lawn Sand contains iron sulphate.  The most economical and probably the most effective way to remove moss from the lawn. Lawn sand should be... more info
Weed Feed & Moss Killer
Contains 2,4-D + mecoprop P + ferrous sulphate.MAFF No.07808.Complete preparation for a one-off lawn application selectively killing most common... more info
Autumn Lawn Feed
Used in Autumn and Winter this lawn dressing is high in potash and phosphate content which ensures a strong root system and provides for vigorous... more info
Lawn Green
Soluble lawn feeding represents the simplest and most economical way to achieve a lawn to be envied. Lawn Green contains 40% nitrogen in organic form... more info
Lawn Slow Release Fertilizer
SUMMERLONG - LAWN FORMULATION Just one application of Summerlong is all that is needed to feed the lawn.Easy to apply and use,the free flowing... more info
Lawn Spring & Summer Feed
The high nitrogen content ensures a lush lawn, and the balanced potash and phoshate nutrients will give a hard wearing finish. Ideal for a weed-free... more info
Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food
Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food for a richer, greener lawn in just 5 days! Easy and quick to apply using the Miracle-Gro Feeder or by mixing in a... more info