Lawn Weed Killers & Pesticides

Protect your lawn from unsightly moss, bugs and nutrient-sapping weeds with our lawn weed killers and pesticides.  Allowed to take hold, weeds and pests can cause real problems with your lawn, leaving your turf weak, sparse and discoloured. But with the right product, you can bring your lawn back to full health and keep it protected. 
From fast-acting lawn weed treatments to full-season products, our lawn weed killers and pesticides range are all gentle on your grass but tough on your unwanted green invaders. Then keep your weed-free lawn green with Lawn Rescue treatment, for a stain-free lawn that’s in blooming good health. 

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate
Effectively kills most lawn weeds including the problem weeds such as white clover, black medick, lesser trefoil, daisy, dandelion, plantain and... more info
Weedol Gun Ready To Use
Weedol Lawn Weedkiller is a selective weedkiller that kills broad leaved weeds growing in your lawn without harming the grass. This ready to use... more info
Lawn Rescue
Keeps lawns free from unsightly brown stains, turning the problem onto an advantage by neutralising staining agents and acids in pet urine, and... more info