Lawn Seed

Garden Direct stocks lawn seed mixtures for all types of lawn. Whether you are looking for a full coverage, grass for difficult areas or a remedial patch up for a sparse lawn, we have the right lawn seed for you. 
All our lawn seed mixes are hardwearing and chosen for their quality, durability and ease of use. Choose from our luxury, multi-purpose, fast-acting, weather-specific and heavy-use ranges of lawn seeds. We also stock ‘patch repair’ and fertiliser mixes – perfect for spot boosting with lawn seed in those sparse areas in your garden. 

Luxury Lawn Seed
For the very best results sow your new lawn with Luxury Lawn Seed. This creates a high quality lawn rich in the very best grass seed species... more info
Multi Purpose Lawn Seed
Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed is an adaptable and resilient mixture of hardwearing grass seed species such as fine dwarf perennial ryegrass, so the... more info
Shade & Drought Lawn Seed
Shade & Drought Lawn Seed has been specially mixed to grow in those difficult places under trees or in shade. It contains a balanced mix of fine... more info
Fast Acting Lawn Seed
Fast Acting Lawn Seed is just that, fast and vigorous. It contains a mixture of rapid growing dwarf perennial ryegrass, for a premium quality, hard... more info
Canada Green Seed
The incredibly hardy grass that has proven itself on golf courses throughout the USA and Canada is now available to you! and it grows quickly and... more info
Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair
Contains a mixture of dwarf perennial rye grass and fine fescues. Neutralises and repairs urine burns in lawns. Grass seed, coir and gypsum.... more info
Patch Magic Grass Seed & Feed
Revolutionary patching mix – grows grass seed anywhere! Getting the results you want when seeding your lawn can be a challenge, especially in... more info