House Plant Care

Your indoor plants deserve the same care and attention as your garden and outdoor greenery to ensure they thrive and bloom inside your home. More delicate indoor plants such as orchids also need some extra attention. 
Keep up your house plant care with Garden Direct and our range of specialist plant care products. From specialist fertilisers for your rare plants, cacti and succulents, to general Baby Bio indoor plant food and leaf wipes, as well as Miracle-Gro’s super leaf shine spray, you can easily keep your plants happily blooming and in great health. 

Orchid Fertilizer
Specifically formulated for Orchids more info
African Violet Fertilizer
Specifically formulated for African Violets more info
Bonsai Fertilizer
Specifically formulated for Bonsia Trees more info
Cactus Fertilizer
Specifically formulated for Cactus more info
Green Foliage Fertilizer
Specifically formulted for Green Foilage Houseplants more info
Baby Bio Leaf Shine Aersol Spray
Fine spray for even coverage. Provides long lasting dust-resistant leaf shine. No wiping or polishing required. Can be used directly onto potted... more info
Baby Bio Ready To Use
Baby Bio in a ready diluted form. Ready to use houseplant feed, simply pour on. Easy to use handle bottle with measuring cap.  1 Litre   more info