Water Retaining Gel

This specially formulated water retaining gel has the capacity to hold 400 times its own weight in water, making it the go-to for your hanging basket or patio tub to satisfy your thirsty plants!
The clever crystals in the gel are recharged each time you water your pot, locking away moisture ready to be released when your plants need it. Water retaining gel helps plants to retain their flowers and fruit when the weather gets hot or during times of rapid growth. Ideal for baskets, tubs and containers, our water retaining gel can also be used in flowerbeds and vegetable plots for additional moisture support. 

Water Retaining Gel
 Water Retaining Gel forms water cound beads of jelly in the rooting area for plants to draw upon in dry or drought conditions.  These... more info
Slow Release Fertilizer & Water Gel Mix
Combined slow release fertiliser and water retaining crystals. Better Plants, more flowers, easier maintenance and no further feeding... more info