Slow Release Fertilizers

Our slow release fertilisers for pots, tubs and hanging baskets are highly effective in ensuring the right level of nutritional support for your plants and flowers. These coated soluble fertiliser pellets are easily added to the soil in your pots to continuously deliver the right amount of feed supplements to boost plant health.

Opt for slow release that will last a summer season or 12-month release for a full year of plant food. Or double-up your soil boosting efforts, with our slow release fertiliser and water gel combined for all-round, stress-free tub and basket plant maintenance. 

Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets
Convenient tablet form of Slow Release Fertilizer for use at any time, in baskets even after planting up. Excellent for tubs and containers,... more info
12 Month Lasting Slow Release Fertilizer Yearlong
For Trees, Shrubs, Ericaceous And Container Plants A feed and forget fertilizer for all home and professional gardeners One Application lasts all... more info
Slow Release Fertilizer & Water Gel Mix
Combined slow release fertiliser and water retaining crystals. Better Plants, more flowers, easier maintenance and no further feeding... more info