Hanging Basket Patio Tubs

We spend a lot of time creating our hanging baskets and patio tubs and so they deserve some extra attention to keep their foliage bright and blooms healthy for as long as possible. 
Hanging baskets and patio tubs are prone to drying out due to their positioning in the garden and also the tight proximity within their containers. Limited space also means the plants can lose out on essential nutrients as they compete with each other for food from the soil. Give your blooms an extra boost with our products specifically designed to create and support stunning hanging baskets, patio tubs and garden containers.
Water retaining gel works to stop your baskets from drying out, and will last throughout the season, absorbing and releasing water into the soil. For extra nutrients in the soil, go for our slow release fertilisers which will ensure your hanging basket and patio tub plants are well fed all summer long.