Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Whether you’re a professional grower or a keen amateur, when it comes to creating a successful fruit and vegetable garden, there are times when you can do with a helping hand.

Boost the yield from your garden produce with Garden Direct. We stock a range of products specially for the fruit and vegetable garden growers to help establish, nourish and protect their plants for a bumper harvest. From our specialist start-of-the-season fertiliser to specific plant food to create a tasty crop, we also stock a range of fruit tree protectors and bug repellents to stop pesky insects making a meal of all your fruit and veg

Tomato Feed
NEW IMPROVED FORMULA ! Garden Direct Standard Tomato Food For All Cherry & Standard Varieties  A low cost, soluble food for tomatoes,... more info
Leak Trench Fertilizer
Slow release fertilizer with high trace element content.  A special formulation for the exhibition grower of leeks, onions, sweetpeas,... more info
Bug Clear for Fruit & Veg Concentrate
Controls all manner of pests on fruit and vegetables right up to the day of harvest It’s not easy to find a fast acting natural insecticide... more info
Calcium Nitrate
Calcium is an often neglected plant food essential to plant growth.  Calcium (15% N, 25% Ca0) combines quick acting Calcium and Nitrogen.... more info
Popular economical all purpose granular fertilizer with the famous 7-7-7 analysis making this suitable for all garden applications. Used on all... more info
Is the country's favourite liquid plant food for tomatoes. Great for tomatoes and flowering pot plants. With Tomorite you get top quality, full... more info
Winter Tree Grease
Protects fruit trees from winter moths. Easy to use, brush-on monitoring trap Prevents wingless female moths climbing trees to lay their eggs. Apply... more info
Solabiol Greasebands
Ready prepared greasebands for application to fruit trees.Traps winter moths and prevents damage by their caterpillars. Protects fruit and ornamental... more info
A liquid pruning compound for fruit and other trees. Ready to use pruning compound and grafting sealant. Protects wounds caused by pruning or... more info
Winter Tree Wash
A totally naturalproduct which worksthrough physical actionto eradicate insectbugs and eggs andprevent damage toboth tree and fruit. Removes insect... more info