Trace Elements

Combat any nutritional deficiencies in your plants with our selection of easy-to-use targeted trace elements to bring the bloom back to your garden. 
Sometimes your plants and vegetables will not get enough of the micro-nutrients they need from the soil or fertiliser you use and will show signs that they are starting to struggle. You can help to boost the health of any under par plants with a targeted application of a trace element supplement.
Our trace element range provides the key elements needed for a healthy garden, including magnesium sulphate, sequestered iron, borax, chelated iron and copper sulphate as well as a chelated trace element mix. 

Magnesium Sulphate
Fully soluble form puts the colour back into flower and vegetable greenery Magnesium can also be supplied by kieserite (see natural products) but is... more info
Chelated Iron pH 6-8
Cures and prevents iron deficiencies in the soil 7% Fe To correct and prevent iron deficiency on normal soils, and acid soils in pH conditions up to... more info
Chelated Iron pH 6.5
Cures and prevents iron deficiencies in the soil pH less than 6.5 (Fe EDTA) Librel Fe-Lo (PH 6.5) Micronutrient fertiliser for use in agriculture and... more info
Chelated Iron pH8+
Cures and prevents iron deficiencies in the soil 6% Fe To correct iron deficiency on any soil, even chalk. Will provide iron for ericaceous subjusts... more info
Chelated Trace Element Mix
A complex mixture of six trace elements, four are in the chelate form, two are not as they can not be chelated. The analysis is iron 3.35%, manganese... more info
Copper Sulphate
26%Cu   Copper deficiency in soils is usually caused by over liming which “locks up” copper, reducing pH and adding manure will... more info
Iron Sulphate
The principle use of iron sulphate is in moss killers, it is the active ingredient in lawnsand. The sand acts as a dilutant enabling the iron and... more info
Trace Element Frit 253A
253A Provides iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum in a slow acting but effective way. It will become more available in acid and... more info
Doff Plant Tonic Sequestered Iron
For correction and prevention of yellowing (chlorosis). Boosts plant health and recommended for all ericaceous plants. High iron soluble feed with... more info