General Fertilizers & Chemicals

For all-round health of your soil and lawn, opting for one of our general fertilisers and chemicals is a good way to go. Adding a good fertiliser to your soil will boost its food source to your plants and keep them in good health. For every day gardens, an all-purpose fertiliser will work with your soil to provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients and trace elements.

Depending on its type and PH balance (sandy soil, for example, is acidic) and what you want to grow (ie. tomatoes) you can also opt to boost your soil’s nutrients and trace elements with a targeted supplement. As well as all-purpose fertilisers, we stock a range of beneficial natural chemical supplements for your soil, including potassium nitrate, nitrate of soda, sulphate of ammonia, potash and urea. 

Potassium Nitrate
A source of readily available Nitrogen and Potash rarely used alone due to its high potash content. Particularly suitable for strawberries, tomatoes... more info
Calcium Nitrate
Calcium is an often neglected plant food essential to plant growth.  Calcium (15% N, 25% Ca0) combines quick acting Calcium and Nitrogen.... more info
Mono Ammonium Phosphate
NPK 12-61-0 A pure chemical salt containing 12% nitrogen and 61% soluble phosphates, this is primarily used as a component in soluble N.P.K.... more info
Nitrate of Soda
A fast acting source of nitrogen NPK 16-0-0.  A fast acting nitrogen fertiliser for beetroot, celery and other leafy crops. Nitrate of Soda is... more info
N 26% This is the brand name of an I.C.I. product accepted as a standard, it is also known under other trade names. It is produced from lime and... more info
N 38% Chemically this is urea formaldehyde - The nitrogen content is 38%, produced by chemical reaction with a formaldehyde type product under highly... more info
Potassium Phosphate
NPK 0-34-52 Also known as phosphate of potash its principal attribute is that it has no nitrogen, the analysis being 34% potassium oxide (K2O) and... more info
Sulphate of Ammonia
N 21%  It is used widely as a plant feed, a most useful property is its acidic action, and is, therefore, particularly recommended for limey... more info
Sulphate of Potash
The best and safest way to add potash to soils and composts. It also contains useful amounts of sulphur. Potassium is essential to all plants,... more info
P 18% For root crops. It is quicker acting than bone meal and has a slightly acidic action on the soil. The primary use for superphosphate is in... more info
Will promote growth in any plant at any time. Useful as a Spring boost for lawns. Nitrogen(N) 46% Ureic Nitrogen 46% more info
Triple Super Phosphate
NPK 0-46-0 A phosphate based dressing fertilizer. Triple superphosphate is a more economical form than Superphosphate being nearly 3 times stronger... more info