Garden Direct Soluble Feeds


Garden Direct Soluble Plant Foods are formulated to meet those exacting standards of the professional grower or top horticultural exhibitor and can work wonders in your garden. Liquid feeding is an essential stage in your plant growing programme to ensure consistency and superb results. They are also fully soluble which means they start to work straight away.
All Garden Direct Soluble Feeds contain seven essential trace elements, far more than ordinary soluble fertilizer. These trace elements are all absolutely necessary for plant growth and if any are absent, serious plant disorders can occur. Garden Direct Soluble Plant Foods are now available in smaller packs that are perfect for amateur gardener and will give you the satisfaction of producing plants of the highest possible standard. 
Take a leaf out of the expert’s book – use Garden Direct Soluble Feeds. 

High Nitrogen Feed
  NEW IMPROVED FORMULA ! The early season fertilizer for greenhouse and garden   EARLY SEASON FEEDING - Garden Direct High Nitrogen Feed... more info
Fully Balanced Feed
  NEW IMPROVED FORMULA ! Multipurpose balanced formula for all house and garden plants THROUGH THE SEASON FEEDING - Garden Direct Fully... more info
High Potash Feed
NEW IMPROVED FORMULA ! High potash summer feed for Tomatoes, flowers and vegetables THE FEED USED BY PROFESSIONALS & LEADING GROWERS The summer... more info
Low Nitrogen Feed
  NEW IMPROVED FORMULA ! A fully soluble lower nitrogen feed for mature firm growth   A summer feed for heathers, conifers and other... more info