Putting a layer of aggregate over the top of your soil protects both the soil and your plants by preventing weeds from taking hold. It also helps with water retention, can absorb impurities and insulates the soil while creating an attractive top surface finish to your borders. 
We stock natural aggregates to work with your soil to get the very best results for your plants. Choose from charcoal, which works to ‘sweeten’ compost and is ideal for gardens and flowerbeds or the clay-based hydroleca, which is best-suited to house plants, greenhouses and hydroculture, thanks to its superior moisture-retaining properties. 

Charcoal 25 Kg
Charcoal will sweeten all composts by absorbing impurities. Use in bottle gardens, lining flower bowls, bulb fibre or to improve any compost. Use 1... more info
A lightweight expanded clay aggregate used in hydroponics and hydroculture. The average size is about 10mm. Hydroleca is able to retain moisture and... more info