Animal Deterrents

Protect your garden from unwanted attention with our safe and easy to use range of animal deterrents. Lush, sweet smelling gardens and vegetable plots are a magnet to many wild animals, and the damage they can cause to your carefully tended plants is something you really want to avoid. While visits from the local fox, wild birds or even the neighbour’s cat or dog can be enjoyed, you can stop them damaging your crops with our animal deterrents.

We stock sprays, liquids and powders that contain non-toxic ingredients such as garlic, essential oils and pepper to naturally repel your unwanted visitors and leave your lawn and garden plants alone. 

Scoot Fox Repellent
Widely acclaimed as the most effective fox repellent on the market Scoot is a patented non toxic formula used to keep foxes away from protected... more info
Lawn Rescue
Helps keep lawns free from dying grass patches caused by pet urine. Neutralises acids and promotes regrowth. more info
Scat-a-Cat Contains garlic extract Deters cats from fouling in the garden. Ideal on children’s play areas, decorative gravel and bark. Scatter... more info
Cat Repellent
This simple to use granular Cat Repellent from Growing Success will deter cats from scratching, digging and fouling in your garden. Contains natural... more info
Get Off My Garden
Get Off My Garden cat and dog deterrent helps prevent pets from fouling in the garden. Non-toxic and safe to use, it works by slowly releasing a... more info
Pepper Dust 225gm
Ready to use animal repellent. Tried and trusted formula. Deters cats and dogs from fouling.   more info
Contains aluminium ammonium sulphate Powerful ready to use animal repellent. Repels cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other animals. Can be used all... more info