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What we offer

Weed Killers

Unwanted plants growing in the wrong place are more than an eyesore. But don’t despair - we stock a wide range of weed killers, both physical and chemical, to get your weed problems under control without hard work. more...

There are flame guns to burn uncropped areas, Roundup and glyphosate products to get rid of ground elder, couch grass or nettles and Weedol and other spot weeders to clear annual weeds from beds and borders. We even stock Roundup for killing standing trees, tree stumps and Japanese Knotweed. Go to product page


Garden Fertilisers / Fertilizers

Plant Feeding is vital to the long term growth and health of flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables. Our comprehensive range of garden fertilizers will suit the needs of home gardeners and exhibition growers alike. more...

Simply choose from the ‘straights’, the compound mixtures of nutrients or the organic plant foods from our range of fertilisers and you will see your plants thrive. We sell dry granules to sprinkle around established roses, shrubs and trees plus a wealth of soluble plant foods for in-season feeding of tomatoes, bedding plants and fruit whether growing in garden soil, in growing bags or patio containers. Go to product page


Garden Compost

Growing plants on a windowsill, in a greenhouse or cold frame means using a growing compost that matches the needs of your seeds, seedlings or mature plants. more...

Ready mixed bags are available for the complete John Innes range, through Multi-Purpose, Ericaceous and Tub & Basket types. We have peat-free formulations and compressed blocks of coir material. And if you prefer to mix your own garden compost then we can supply base fertilisers, aggregates such as coir, perlite and vermiculite, plus wetting agents and charcoal. Go to product page


Wood Treatment Products

Fences, decking and outdoor furniture need regular wood treatment if they are to survive a long time looking really great. So whether you need to clean, colour or protect the wood in your garden we have the Cuprinol products to give great results. more...

Whether it’s for rolling, wiping or simple spraying we have the wood treatment for you. There’s a host of colours to choose from. There are scores of different browns and if you want to exercise your artistic flair then why not look to Barleywood Blue or luscious Lavender? Go to product page


Cuprinol Power Sprayer

Why spend hours brushing on wood preserver when someone’s invented a fast, easy and effortless way to treat the fences around your garden? The Cuprinol Power Sprayer is a cordless, rechargeable unit that comes with 5 litre tank to ensure minimal top up time. more...

This powerful gadget uses new millennium nozzle technology for even spraying that ensures a beautiful smooth finish. It’s quick and easy to use and cleaning is no problem. Wood products recommended for use in this sprayer are Cuprinol Sprayable, Sprayable Plus and Total Garden Shades New Formula. Go to product page


Moss Killer

Moss in a lawn is a menace, fighting the grass for space and nutrients. Yet it’s easily controlled. In spring, apply lawn sand to give your grass an early spring green-up that also burns away the moss in just a few days. more...

This moss killer contains iron sulphate and is ideal for treating large areas and for stimulating the grass into fresh spring growth.
In summer, when weeds are also present, you can apply a three-in-one treatment that feeds, weeds and controls moss from just one application. Go to product page


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The Web's Favorite Garden Centre - Garden Direct
The UK’s leading on-line store for quality Garden Fertilizers & Sundries
We offer value for money and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

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